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Michael Fassbender at race school today! Thank you for sharing your images @BattlaxBiker @laurasandford @JeromeFoucart   


In honor of Sharknado 2 airing tonight!
This person must be new to tumblr too! &gt; (x)


In honor of Sharknado 2 airing tonight!

This person must be new to tumblr too! > (x)




James McAvoy by David Sandison for Inside I’m Dancing, January 2004 [HQ×8, LQ×9] pt.1

Okay, now I want to hear the one about Charles bleaching his hair, and why, and did he already know Erik (in which case Erik surely burst out laughing) or did they meet then for the first time, and what kind of impression did Erik get of him from this look, and and and

Awkward mistaken-for-rentboy AU? Even more awkward “we hooked up last week but he doesn’t recognize me with this hair” AU? Or perhaps “roommate pranks” AU that have now hit the all-time low of peroxide in the shampoo?


but seriously tho, in the last movie, just imagine all the things logan won’t have any memories of since the 70s

"so lennon never died?"

"the planes never flew into the twin towers? what do you mean ‘erik helped’?"

"there are mutant olympics now??”

"wait i have a KID?"

"so it was i who helped scott to get here?"

"i got him together with jean??"

"i was scott’s best man at his and jean’s wedding?!"



AU where Erik and Charles are single parents and co-workers who meet at Comic Con (where Charles and David are comic lovers, Wanda and Pietro too, and Erik know absolutely nothing about it)

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Monday, July 28, 2014
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